Hatay State Flag

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Flag of Hatay State Flag
You Can Choose When Buying Flag Size satin fabric
Fabric Type 2'x3' - 3'x5' - 4'x6' - 5'x9' - 6'x10' - Raschel Glossy Fabric 
Printing Digital Textile Printing Non-Spillable Washable (Please Wash Every 15 Days To Extend The Life)
Print Single Layer Fabric Print Appears From Back. Sewing Table Flag - Non-Hot Heat Cut Stitch  2'x3' - 3'x5' - 4'x6' - 5'x9' - 6'x10'  Double Stitch Hanger  - Ended for stick insertion Hanger (white place) available Hanger  2'x3' - 3'x5' - 4'x6' - 5'x9' - 6'x10'  Double Seam There are handles on both sides.
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