Afshar Boyu T Table Flag

Afshar Boyu T Table Flag

20, 20 T Table Flag, Tümünü Gör

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20 T Table Flag
20 1 Name Turkish 1 Name Single Fold Swallow with Special Logo 20 T Table Pennant Dimensions 8x32 Cm Single Layer Satin Fabric 20 Digital Printing Technique Edges Hot Cut 20 White Fly T Table Flagpole 20 5.5 Cm Zinc Alloy Casting Base 35 Cm T Wire Pole - Chrome Plated If There Will Be Special Printing, After Receiving the Product, Send Mail To (.Vector .Cdr .Ai .Pdf) Or High Resolution .Jpg With Order Number After Receiving The Product Design Is Free We Will Reach You The Product Will Be Printed After Your Approval The Product Is A Set. (2 Pieces Flag And T Bar Chrome Pole + Base Included) Günyüzü 20 T Table Pennant

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