Membership agreement


1. Ratification of the Convention

If you wish to become a member of our Web Site, you must first complete the registration form and agree and undertake to comply with the terms of our Web Site membership agreement. The user is deemed to have committed to comply with the agreement of our Web Page from the moment he completes and approves the registration form or receives or orders any service using this system.

2. Description of Services

Members who approve the agreement of our Web Page have the opportunity to shop on our web page on the internet.

3. Our web page membership system

The member of our Web Page will have a user name (e-mail) and password to be determined by him / her.

The user name is member-specific, and the same user name is not assigned to two different members.

The password is only known to the user. User can change password whenever wants to. The selection and password is the user's responsibility to protect all. Our Web Site is not responsible for any problems arising from the use of passwords.

The user must enter the user name and password to connect to the services that require membership of our Web Page. This process is defined as a login to our web page.
4. Obligations of the Member

While using the services of our Member Web Page,

• If the information on the registration form is correct and it is necessary (such as forgetting the password) that the information is incorrect or incomplete, the responsibility shall be borne by itself, in which case its membership may terminate,

• The copyright of the services and software provided by our Web Site belongs to our Web Page,

• It is the responsibility of the personal information, ideas, expressions, files added to our Web Page media and the personal information submitted by us when using our Web Page services, and our Web Page cannot be held responsible for these files,

• The services provided by our Web Page may contain information of persons older than 18 years old and therefore our Web Page will not be responsible,

• Our Web Site shall not be responsible for the information messages and files that will be lost and / or missing during the use of the Services, and transmitted to the wrong address,
• Not accessing the services offered on our Web Page in an unauthorized manner and changing the software in any way other than the ones determined by our Web Page, not using the ones that have been changed, and paying all the material and moral damages that our Web Page may suffer in case it does not comply with the mentioned items,

• Our Web Site will not be responsible for any damages that may occur due to unauthorized reading of member data,

• threatening, immoral, racist, Republic of Turkey to the law, not to send messages contrary to international agreements,

• The nicknames that can be used as user names must be in accordance with general ethics, manners and legal rules,

• Not to harass and threaten other users,
• Not acting in a way that affects other users' use of the service,

• Not to publish, print or distribute the names or persons of individuals or institutions that are infringing, violating, immoral, inappropriate or unlawful,

• Not to advertise, sell or offer any goods or services, do not engage in surveys, contests or chain letter activities,

• Any registration or material obtained using the services of our Web Page is entirely within the consent of the user, malfunctions on the user's computer, loss of information and other losses are entirely his own, not to claim damages from our Web Page for use of the service. 

• Not to use the services of our Web Site for commercial or advertising purposes without our permission,
• Our Web Page may monitor the system at any time or continuously,
• If our website violates the rules, our web page has the right to intervene and to remove the member from the service and to terminate the membership.
• Our Web Page may use its own system for commercial purposes,
• Not to post information that is prohibited by law and not distribute any mail that is not authorized to be sent, such as chain mail, software virus (etc.),
• Not to record or misuse personal information belonging to others,
• The Member is personally responsible for any transactions that he may make under the user name,
• The customer is obliged to make a purchase on the system through a valid credit card and cannot make purchases from the system if the credit card is not validated.

• If customers are required to show a valid ID card during the delivery of the goods, allow the registration of the relevant identification information and sign the relevant places, the product may not be delivered to them if they do not sign,
• If the product is being received by another person, the person receiving the product is obliged to sign the document on behalf of our Web Page that the person who delivered the product to him recognizes the person who sent the product to him, that the product may not be delivered if the document is not signed and therefore the order will be deemed unrealized.

1. Our company shall deliver the product to the shipment within 3-4 working days at the latest from the moment the consumer receives the order. Our company has the right and authority to extend this period for another 3 days, provided that it gives notice in advance.
2. The transportation costs for the orders belong to the consumer. The consumer's order amount will be charged to the consumer's credit card if the order is completed. Transportation and cargo costs will be collected from the consumer by the cargo authority at the time of delivery or have been
3. Our Company; will deliver the product ordered by the consumer within 7-12 working days following the order.
4. If the address specified for the delivery is not available to the consumer, delivery is made to other persons present at the address and living in the same dwelling as the consumer or to the helpers of the consumer.
5. The consumer is obliged to open and check the packages in front of the company representative when he receives the packages that he thinks are damaged during the shipment and if there is any defect in the product, he is obliged not to take the product by keeping a record to the cargo company. If the package is not accepted and the minutes are kept, the situation should be notified to our Company as soon as possible with the remaining copy of the minutes. Our company will ensure a new and healthy delivery as soon as possible. Once the package has been received by the consumer, the delivery company is deemed to have done its job properly.
6. The Company may provide goods or services of equal quality and price to the consumer before the expiry of the performance obligation arising from the contract, provided that it is based on a justifiable reason, and if it cannot fulfill the obligations under the contract, claiming that it is impossible to fulfill the goods or services ordered. informs the consumer before the expiry of the obligation, the price paid and all documents that put under the debt will be returned to the consumer within 10 or 30 days.
7. Non-return products.

1. .firmaya-personiya-person-or companies- aþ.vb The products printed or produced according to the special requests of the companies and institutions are not reclaimed for color or whatever will not be sold to another company-person institutions or institutions etc.
Accepted and committed.