Ajman Emirate and Dubai Single Use Strike Apron

Ajman Emirate and Dubai Single Use Strike Apron

Ajman E, Ajman E Strike Apron, Tümünü Gör

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Ajman E Strike Apron
Ajman E It is completely made of Rashhel Fabric, it is disposable, it is a disposable product, the size is 50 × 70 Cm, there are 2 edge rope tying cords, the printing technique is digital printing, the edges are heat cut. If there will be special printing, after receiving the product, send an e-mail to (.Vector .Cdr .Ai .Pdf) or High Resolution . Jpg Design is free of charge, we will contact you, the product will be printed after your approval Strike Vests to be used in Rallies, Celebrations, Events and Organisations for Parties, Unions, Non-Governmental Organisations, Institutions and Organizations Multi-Colour Digital Printing can be done There is no limit in colour The ink fixed to the fabric is not affected by external factors such as wetting, washing, rain. The edges are heat cut.

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