Barbados Digital Printed Pillow Cover

Barbados Digital Printed Pillow Cover

Barbados, Barbados Digital Printed Pillow Cases, Tümünü Gör

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Barbados Digital Printed Pillow Cases
Barbados You can choose the pillow size when buying Bright Fabric 100% Polyester Fabric If there will be special printing, send an e-mail to [email protected] (.Vector .Cdr .Ai .Pdf) or High Resolution .Jpg with the order number after receiving the product Design is free of charge We will reach you The product will be printed after your approval Barbados The pillow has a quality and printed fabric and is a gift or souvenir product, there is no inner filling material and it is sent empty inside Barbados Your pillow designs are digitally printed and do not fade depending on usage and washing. They can be machine washed and ironed. { {NuradiyazXX} Pillow is in Product Packaging

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